Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Month of May with Mary

Second Meditation-
Read from the Life of Mary by Inos Biffi pgs. 12-19

Study this painting of the Wedding at Cana.  Can you see the six stone jars? Do you see Our Lady? Some of the Apostles are pictured here as well. Read the account in the Gospel of John.  Notice how Our Lord listens to His Mother. This is a good way of remembering why we ask Our Lady to pray for us. Jesus listens to His Mother, just like we listen to our mother.

Think about how Mary knew in a very special way who her Son was, the Messiah, her Savior. As we pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary ask Our Lady to help us to come to know Jesus more fully, especially as He reveals himself in the Luminous Mysteries.

Listen to Sing of Mary by L'Angelus. I remember singing this often in the month of May in Catholic school when I was small. It is a lovely song that speaks to the hidden life of the Holy Family.

Start a little pot of lavender or make a small sachet.  Draw the tiny purple blossoms. It is said that lavender got its scent when Mary laid Jesus’ clothes to dry on it. It was called Mary’s Drying Plant.

Here is a quilt block of a lavendar flower. 

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