Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes:Waterpark Edition

1. Went to the waterpark with the kids yesterday. Met up with my parents, my sister and cousins. Honestly, I was dreading it just a little, because, you know, waterpark with all the kids, especially 4 yo, 2yo and 7 month old.

2. It was awesome! I had so much fun with my littles. So much fun. Mara floating down the lazy river in her little safety vest was hysterical. She just puts her head back and closes her eyes. I just hold her feet so she doesn't get away from me. Watching Johnny go down the little kid slides over and over again does wonders for the soul.

3. Ella does not like the pool. At all.

4. We were getting ready to leave. I changed Mara, had her all ready in her dry clothes. I firmly admonished her not to go near the water again. Then it rained, like a minute later, like torrential. Like Mara was soaked.

5. If you don't own a proper bathing suit, do not go to the waterpark. No lady, a cami over your bra does not count.

6.At one point, I went to look for my parents. I found them standing near the snack bar, with 6 of their grandchildren, all ages 6 and under, from 3 different families. It was so beautiful! I wish so badly I could have snapped a picture. Even so, I won't forget for a long time.

7. I was tired last night.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Early August: Gathering My Thoughts

Right now~My three littles are playing around me. Earlier I played  a game with just Johnny (4) and Mara (2). John told me it always more fun when I play with them. Honestly, I get so caught up in the business of my big kids lives, I forget to just sit and play with my littles. I love the big span of years I've been blessed to have children. But this "middle" part right now of young adults AND babes and toddlers...its hard. Worth it, so worth it, but hard.

In a little while~I'm out to sign up Kay (9) for dance and pick up big girls from the mall.

This week~Carmen's never-ending soccer. She has joined a travel team. We are very happy about the team. Its a great fit, great families. We are very excited to see her get to play at a more competitive level. But good grief, it is a lot of soccer. She couldn't be happier.
Anna tests for her black belt on Saturday! So proud!
Hopefully Thursday will be nicer outside and we'll enjoy a day at the waterpark with the cousins.

Praying~Well, I want to say, cancer sucks. But you all know that, right? So, since complaining is futile, all I have is prayer. For family, for friends.

In the schoolroom~Lots of deep cleaning, lots of planning. Feeling good. And so strange to not plan for Maddy. Maybe I'll share some plans. I also have a new year of art class to lay out, an 8 week Botany course for grade 1-2 and a little boys virtues (imagine Justice League meets the saints, so excited to do this with Johnny this year) club to plan for.

In the kitchen~Need serious crock pot/casserole/teen-can-pull-together menu planning. Falls is busy, but I a still committed to good healthy food on the table every night, even if we eat in shifts.

Living the Liturgy~Ugh, personal prayer. Yeah, that's where I'm at. Working on it. 
Oh yeah, did I mention Carmen gets confirmed and Aggie makes her First Communion this year?

Time to go get the girls. Consider this my feeble attempt to jump back into the blogging.