Monday, July 14, 2014

On Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning and sorting lots of toys. 

Why do my children have so many rocks? 

We have so much doll stuff. So much. 

I get a tiny bit obsessive about sorting and storing. And I mean down to what sits next to what on the shelves...all the toys that's build, hot wheels and superheroes should be near each other...and on and on it goes.

None of my containers match. None. Strangely enough, this does not bother me.

Why do my children have so many seashells?

The three year old likes to "help".  

I am both disgusted by and proud of how much my vacuum picks. 

Which leads me to wonder if the big kids actually vacuumed the basement all those times they were instructed to.

Very grateful for A.C.

Wish I had a fitbit. Because wow, countless trips up and down stairs.

This is just the opening act. Up next, the little girls room. The most frightening room in the house.

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  1. Good luck with the little girls room! That is next on my decluttering trip too. I'm not too scared because we did a deep clean in there a handful of months ago. I'm LOLing about the fitbit, because just this weekend I said the same thing.