Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today you are 21.


How did we get here so quickly? Never mind that you are now the age I was when you were born. A whole lifetime.

You have such a capacity for love. Especially the least of them among us. I can see how this started right here, in our not so little family. You welcomed every sibling with such genuine joy and delight. Even now, you love to make them smile, shower them with little gifts and surprises. You welcomed them even as you knew there would be a little more noise, a little less room.

You work hard every day. You want to excel at whatever the task put before you. Today it is writing an excellent paper for school. Tomorrow it might be plating a beautiful salad. No task is to small or menial that it doesn't deserve your best effort.

You have changed me in the best ways possible.

I love Maddy Bear! I pray you continue to grow in grace and wisdom. Many years!

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