Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Very Hot Day in the Middle of a Very Hot Week

It is hot.

So hot.

We are cool and comfortable inside (though I shudder to think what the electric bill will look like this month). But, oh my, everyone is still CRANKY. Even me. The constant background noise of bickering and sniping is almost unbearable.

So now, little ones and medium ones are painting, for the moment forgetting that it too hot to safely play outside and the pool feels like a giant lukewarm bath.

Tomorrow I think I will make some scented playdough and pull out all our fun tools and cookie cutters. I will come up with something fun for Saturday, which will be the hottest day of all. I will be ever so grateful for electricity and air conditioning and refrigeration.

Aaaannddd I will absolutely get a plan for some simple fun schooling to get us through the very hot days.

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