Monday, August 6, 2012

Early Evening Alamanac

Why not?

::embracing gratitude

Watching soccer with Carmen
Our team winning in a hard fought game
Husband home early to watch too, because he loves how much she loves it

::this moment

Heh, really should be working hard on the other part of dinner

::this week

Soccer makes an early return since Carmen was invited to join a team in a tournament over Labor Day weekend.
Tae Kwon Do for Anna.
School planning and more school planning.
Cleaning and declutterering (probably not a word).
Hoping for a pool day with my sister and her darlings.

In the Garden of Beasts
City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas
Heal My Heart Oh God (need to see where this might be available from, I got it long time ago)


Of course, we have been watching the Olympics. I am struck over and over how amazing these athletes are. They reach deep into themselves and give it everything they have. If only I could bottle this drive and apply it to living a Christian life for just one day. Then I am reminded it is bottled. It is grace. He gives it freely and abundantly. I am courageous enough to receive it? Let it change me? Tone my soul and pull those lazy spiritual muscles into shape?


A FB friend asking for prayers for her mother
Courtney Lenaburg
A missionary friend
Teens struggling to live courageous Christian lives in a very damaged culture


I will get back to dinner ;) Tonight we will have spaghetti squash with homemade bolognese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and a big green salad.
I admit I am intrigued by eating Paleo. That may be because I have seen some really delicious looking recipes. Also, is am curious about seeing if long term this may be the best way to feed my diabetic husband.

::quick off topic

Want on earth has gotten into my 3 year old. He is bouncing around the kitchen like one of those crazy bouncy balls.


I went through all my knitting projects that have been um, well, just laying there on needles for way too long. I just undid a whole bunch and committed to finishing the ones I really love. I have plans
for some surprises, but I must finish at least one thing before I order any more yarn.

This weekend brought me new insight into why sewing your own clothes is a tremendous skill. Carmen wanted a new dress. After wandering through the offerings of some local stores, we were feeling very dejected. Just awful. Ugly and cheaply made. We are turning to mini-Boden or Tea online this time around. But really, after looking at some fabrics online, knowing that for the yardage I probably need, it would cost almost half to make a truly beautiful dress....well, I feel almost guilty about that sewing machine I never seem to touch anymore. I just find it so hard to get over this inertia. Perhaps I need to call Elizabeth for some inspiration.

::school room

Plans, plans, plans!

Joining these lovely ladies at Suscipio.

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