Monday, August 13, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac: Almost Not Sick

::embracing gratitude

Husband and children who can pick up the slack as I recover from a stubborn cold.
Happy, good things happening in my sister's life.
A wonderful soccer coach for Carmen. Really wonderful.

::this moment

Waking everyone up, eating breakfast. We will probably step lightly into schooling next week, since Maddy's college classes begin. So we establish a good morning rhythm this week with everyone up early. We'll see how it goes.

::this week

Soccer, TKD...sigh. The busy begins. I still need to sign Kay and Aggie for dance. Happily, it turns out there are classes that dovetail one after the other at each of their levels in the same afternoon.

We'll have a day at a local waterpark on Thursday with all the cousins.

I am determined to make the most of these days. No slacking. 


My library on the Venice book expired. I will have to renew before I pick that up again. I was really enjoying it. Fascinating bit of history about a city I love.

Still reading In the Garden of Beasts.

Adding in soon, thanks to Elizabeth 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess .

I also think I want to get my hands on Beauty in the World: Rethinking the Foundations of Education.


What it means to be "real" on the internet? How do I approach sharing joy and grace tempered with the reality that sometimes I'm feeling anything but. I'm thinking it comes down to who do I hold responsible? In other words, when there are those moments in my life when I feel very human, broken and sinful, do I look closely at myself to find the source of the problem? Or do I assume that I fail because everyone else around me just keeps messing up? The "if only's". If only I had a bigger home, a more attentive husband, neater children and on and on it goes. When I want to share the reality of my day (here. facebook, twitter), am I sure to temper it with a healthy dose of humility and charity? Do I keep in mind that some things are just private? Am I building the Kingdom of God?


Students everywhere and their teachers.


Feast of the Assumption on Wednesday.


Since soccer did not sneak up on me this week, I at least have meals planned for when I will be out late this week. Can I tell you again how happy I am to have teens that can cook?


Finishing up a scarf for Maddy that I started, um, a LONG time ago. It is the easiest darn thing to knit, just have to give it time. Olympic closing ceremonies and various soccer and basketball games were very fruitful this weekend.

::school room

Still working on those plans. I really must have things ready to just pull out and go, and this is where I tend to really fail. Lots of tedious advance work, but ti will bear so much good fruit.

Joining these lovely ladies at Suscipio.


  1. Good morning Marisa. Soccer has started here as well. My children look forward to busy way more than I do, {grin}. We start school on the 27th, so I still have a bit of time to put finishing touches on my plans. I keep walking around saying, 'this is going to be a great year!'

  2. Wow, you sure are busy! Hope you continue to feel better...

  3. Marisa, Love your insights on what it means to be real on the internet...+

  4. I really liked In The Garden of Beasts--well, liked is probably the wrong word, but it's definitely gripping.

  5. Okay...I'm adding In the Garden of Beasts to my Must Read list. I've always been fascinated by WWII history, but I really don't know anything about Hitler other than what was delivered through a high school textbook several decades ago.