Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Preparing

Hmmm, I see I have not posted since August. Sheesh. I am just really bad at this blog thing.

Still, here I am.

Advent is nearly upon us. This Advent I find myself preparing to welcome a new baby, due December 27. Because of my history of some slight complications it could be anytime in the 2-3 weeks prior.

When my son was born on December 26, nearly 4 years ago, it was a surprise. He was not due until February. But complications (yes, the same ones that may pop up again in the next few weeks) called for induction at 34 weeks. We managed with quite a bit of grace to adapt and care for my tiny little boy. We were blessed with the miracle of a mere couple of hours in the NICU and a baby healthy enough to come home with me 2 days later.  I kept him so close the next 2 months,  I think I barely put him down.

This time, I can plan. I really love preparing my heart and home for the Christ child and I this year I really love the parallels with preparing our home for a new little girl. We have created new spaces for older children, moved some middle children around and in the next few days, my current "baby" (18 months old) will share a room with some big sisters. I admit, I am going to miss my sweet Mara. I think her Papa will too.

Advent will be simple. Christmas will be simple. Our time as a family will likely be mostly centered in the warmth and quiet of our home around a newborns, our daughter and the Prince of Peace. Perfect.

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